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Granny Sue

Granny Sue is a storyteller from Jackson County, West Virginia. She is the mother of five sons, granny of nine, and is herself one of thirteen children. She is a founding member of the West Virginia storytelling guild, and member of the Storytell Internet listserve, as well as its creator. Granny Sue is also a librarian in Kanawha County, WV.

Granny Sue claims that storytelling can add a unique dimension to your next event. Stories bridge age differences, uniting audiences in a common experience of shared joy and delight. In a world of speed and technology, the ancient art form of storytelling opens minds to other times, other worlds and other people.

Granny Sue is an accomplished storyteller as well as a puppeteer.

Teachers can expand their curriculum with stories. Examples of this include puzzle stories for math class, world folktales for social studies, fairytale variations for creative writing, wisdom tales for ethics class, stories involving music and art, participation stories and songs for preschool and early elementary students, and many other educational applications.

Libraries can use storytelling for summer reading programs, puppetry (a specialty of Granny Sue's) and storytelling workshops, staff training, and storytelling and storytime programs.

Museums can enhance their exhibits with myths and legends of the stars, space, and science, art in story, stories of historic people and places, and tales of old-time days and old-time ways.

Event organizers can offer their audiences something more with storytelling. Examples include community event-stories crafted to meet your specific needs, fair or festival children's activities, emcees, adult entertainment, liar's contest, community group stories to satisfy your group's interests, conference -keynote addresses, workshops, or presentations, and reunion stories for all ages.

Families can also use storytelling as entertainment at their next birthday party, reunion, or anniversary.

Contact Granny Sue:

Granny Sue
Stories from the Mountains and Beyond

R2 Box 110
Sandyville WV 25275


toll-free 1-877-459-5502

Granny Sue performing at the 6th Annual West Virginia State Storytelling Festival at Jackson's Mill, WV