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West Virginia Storytelling Guild

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Members of the WV Storytelling Guild following the recent Grand Vue Storytelling Festival

The West Virginia Storytelling Guild is composed of individuals that all have one thing in common - the love of storytelling.  The members of the Guild are as different as the kinds of stories that they enjoy.  The membership includes professional storytellers, as well as those just getting started, and even some enthusiastic listeners.

The West Virginia Storytelling Guild was formed so that Storytellers across the state would have a support group of fellow tellers.  We are trying to promote storytelling across the state of WV, not only to introduce our state to the ancient art form that we so love, but also to promote our WV artisans to the people of our communities.  The WV Storytelling Guild assists in the production of the many WV festivals and storytelling event throughout West Virginia. 

Membership benefits include reduced ticket prices for the storytelling events, listing in the Storytelling Directory (sent to schools & libraries in WV), "How-To" workshops taught by experienced guild members, and an opportunity to be tellers at mini-concerts held across the state.

Membership in the West Virginia Storytelling Guild is $15.00 per year.

If you are interested in joining the WV Storytelling Guild, please fill out the online membership form and send it (with the appropriate dues) to:

West Virginia Storytelling Guild

437 Sanford Street

Morgantown, WV 26501

or email to:

To learn more about the WV Storytelling Guild or about a specific storyteller, follow the appropriate link on the top left of this page.

Looking to buy a copy of the WVSG Book?  From Our Mountains: A Collection of Stories from the West Virginia Storytelling Guild can be purchased for $12 at the Fairmont State University bookstore.  More information about the book can be found here.